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Date: 23rd March 2017
Save More Money With Car Refinance

Be it for work, leisure or organising family life, we all depend on essential transportation mode. At the time of acquiring your car loan if you had bad credit, you may not have received a good deal; here’s where car loan refinancing can be greatly beneficial. You may be able to refinance your car loan if you’ve been regularly repaying your loan without any hassles and thereby secure a better deal that suits your needs better.

Car Refinance

There are several likely benefits of refinancing your car loan. As per your circumstances, you could make the loan more fitting for your current situation or it's likely that you can finish up saving a considerable chunk of money.

Major Advantages

  • Lower repayments

Suppose your circumstances change, refinancing your loan could facilitate you to make smaller repayments over a stretched loan term so you're able to afford them in a better way. 

  • Lower interest rates 

If you had bad credit earlier and you’ve succeeded in paying off your car loan repayments on a timely basis then in all likelihood you may get a car refinance or second chance car loans at a lower interest rate. 

  • More appropriate loan features 

Compared to your original loan features, you may be able to grab suitable loan features that may better suit you like a variable or fixed interest rate, early payout etc. When you refinance your loan, it provides you with more flexibility and control over the type of loan you need and how much will it cost you. 

Quick Car Refinancing Tips 

Whilst there are numerous advantages of car loan refinancing, you should ensure you do it in the right manner. 

Here are the quick tips to guide you so that you get the utmost from your car loan refinancing:

  • How: 

After researching all your alternatives you can apply for refinancing straight away with the new lender that you want to switch to. Alternatively, you can approach a finance broker to get proper assistance with your car refinances in Sydney. 

Finance brokers have accessibility to a large range of finance products, in fact, some of the products you might not be aware of. They’ll be able to explore loan options for you to unearth a new loan that will suit your needs better than your existing loan. 

  • When: 

After making repayments for one full year successfully is an apt time to refinance your car loan. This is because a year’s timely repayments will look good to financiers. That means you might get more loan choices than you got when you actually took the loan. 

Cost Comparison:

If you’re refinancing your car loan to grab a better deal then you need to do some computations to ensure you'll be saving money tangibly. Furthermore, if you want to refinance your car loan, you may have to bear added charges for exit fees for the old loan and new loan setup costs. So, you’ve to ensure that new loan will save you adequate money to make up for these extra costs. 


Car Loan Experts’ specialist refinance consultants will shop around on your behalf and find better car finance in Sydney for you!

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